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Hi, I'm Declan.

I'm a fourth-year interaction design student at Emily Carr University. I love working with design and technology to create new things, experiences, and interfaces. I'm proficient in web-development, UI/UX, and motion graphics. Currently developing a browser-based story game!

Have fun interacting with my virtual desktop!
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Declan's Recent Projects

NaviChat Voice-Enabled Way-Finding Kiosk 2019 - UX/UI, Hardware, Electronics, Voice

RFID Music Mixer Compact box to play and mix music wirelessly 2019 - UX, Hardware, Electronics, Music

Facilitation Toolkit Created for Vancouver's Healthy City Strategy Team 2018 - Service Design

NewsByte Low-Bandwidth News Aggregation 2018 - UX/UI

Hot Words on Reddit Data Visualization of the hottest words on Reddit 2019 - Data Viz

Typography App iOS Application for Typography 2017 - UX/UI, Typography

How to Cycle in the City An instruction video for cycling in Vancouver 2017 - Video

Watches: The Cost of Time A video depicting the commodity of material goods and ethics 2017 - Video

Lyric Video: Shad - Stylin' Lyric animation video 2018 - Video, Animation

Virtual Declan A chatbot for messaging Declan anytime, anywhere 2017 - Bots, Machine learning

Bitmap Typeface Full typeface created from the ground up 2017 - Typography

Interactive Kinect Experiments 2017 - Conceptual Experiments

Hacked Home Automation 2018 - Conceptual Experiments

Grocery Store Design 2018 - Service Design

A Video in Which I Explore Vancouver 2018 - Video